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A whole game on one screen: 
- Land off with your space ship 
- Cross the space and avoid enemy probes 
- Fly over the town, beware of the rockets! 
- Drive an armored Jeep to penetrate the enemy base! 
- Walk with your gun in the enemy territory to destroy the nuclear core!! 

How to play: 
- Press space to land off 
- Use arrows keys: left to reduce speed, up/down to move, right to increase speed 
- Press X to fire, C to drop a bomb 
- Destroy the fuel tanks or you'll run out of fuel! 
- In the Jeep, press up + X to fire at the roof 
- At walk, press up to jump, fire a bomb on the core to win 

The game is hard, but it's by purpose! Enjoy! 

Making of: 
- This game was made in 15 hours with Love2D on a Mac Book Pro 
- Every line of code (around 1000) is made from scratch 
- My real work is to produce video games and teach video game programming ... Follow me on www.gamecodeur.fr
- I'm a big fan of retro gaming, so the game is inspired by retro games 
- Sounds from SFXR, art made with PyxelEdit

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